What time does the New World closed beta go live?

The main testing period for Amazon's long-awaited MMO is finally here.

Image via Amazon Games

After months of preliminary alpha testing, the closed beta for Amazon Games Studios’ new MMORPG, New World, will launch tomorrow, July 20, at 11:30am CT. 

The New World closed beta will last from that point until Aug. 3 at 1:59am CT, giving players two weeks to test out a strong portion of the content coming to the full release of the game later this summer. 

Players looking to join in on the New World closed beta can gain access by simply pre-ordering the game on either Amazon or Steam. Prospective players can also be randomly selected to participate in the closed beta by signing up on the New World official website

The New World closed beta will feature many of the features coming to the full release of the game, including Expeditions, the Outpush Rush game mode, as well as the expansive list of weapons available for players to experiment with. It’s unclear what the level cap will be during the New World closed beta. But regardless of how far players progress during the two-week testing period, Amazon Games will wipe all players’ progress prior to the launch of New World on Aug. 31. 

Pre-orders for New World are available on both Steam and Amazon. Players should expect an invite to the New World closed beta within 48 hours of pre-ordering the game.