What is the Max Level in New World?

There is plenty of leveling to do.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

MMO gamers are finally getting hands-on with Amazon’s New World thanks to its closed beta test, which opened today. For the next few weeks, players will have the chance to explore Aternum and discover all the secrets that the area has to offer.

As with any MMO, throughout the questing players will complete objectives to gain XP and level up their characters along the way. There are a variety of different ways that players can earn XP through all the game modes New World has to offer.

While new players to the game starts at level one, you may be wondering, just how high does leveling go in New World? And what will you need to reach to cover all the content within the game?

What is the max level in New World?

Image via Amazon Games

In New World, the highest level you can currently reach in the game is level 60. At level 60, players will have access to end game content including high-level expeditions, PVP, and other PvE experiences not available to players of a lower level.

Since no players have currently hit this level cap in-game, it isn’t clear what all of this content will look like or how to access it once you have reached level 60. Over the coming days, we’ll likely see more of this surface online as players grind to max level.

You can level up in New World a number of ways but the most common of these is completing missions. Sticking to the main story will get you towards the end content fastest, but by doing side missions players can score themselves plenty of XP so they’ll be at the right level once they’ve made their way to the later areas in the game.

The New World beta test will last from July 20 until Aug. 2, so if you plan on reaching level 60, you’ll want to get questing.