What is the Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark?

It's too good to pass up.

Image via Smilegate

With Lost Ark branching out to the Western markets, many players will experience the MMORPG for the first time.

Though players may be too busy exploring the leveling mechanics alongside quests at the start, sooner or later, they’ll dive into the more complex sections of the game to further gear up their characters. If you’ve been browsing through the Lost Ark shop, you may have stumbled upon Crystalline Aura, which looks like an item that’s too good to be true with all of its useful bonuses.

The Crystalline Aura is a subscription system in Lost Ark and it can be purchased for 420 Blue Crystals. If you don’t have any Blue Crystals, you can obtain some by spending Royal Crystals. Upon purchasing Crystalline Aura, players will have access to the following bonuses:

  • Crystal Benefactor Title applied (While benefit lasts)
  • Daily Rapport Action tries increased by one try
  • Life Energy natural recovery amounts +10 percent
  • Ocean Liner fee is 50 percent off
  • Song of Return Cooldown -50 percent
  • Stronghold Action Energy basic recovery amount +10 percent
  • Stronghold Crafting time -10 percent
  • Stronghold Dispatch time -10 percent
  • Stronghold Research time -10 percent
  • Stronghold Training Grounds Ultimate Stress Buster unlocked (XP Gained Per Minute 7,000)
  • Triport fee is free (Fast traveling)
  • Usable Bifrost slots increases by two

The Crystalline Aura stays active for a total of 30 days after it’s activated. Players will need to purchase it again from the shop when it expires.