What is Knowledge Transfer in Lost Ark and how do you do get one?

Skip the grind.

Image via Smilegate

Leveling alternate accounts can always be a drag in any MMO, but in Tripod Studio and Smilegate’s hit title Lost Ark, there’s a way to avoid the tedious grind back to the maximum level available with Knowledge Transfer.

When a player buys a Knowledge Transfer with 600 gold of in-game currency, the character you’ve selected will be sent out for eight real-time hours to “train.” When this time period is finished, the chosen alternate account will be at the same level as your main account without any hassle to run through the main storyline of that specific continent.

There are a few things that you need to complete before you get to use a Knowledge Transfer:

  • You must complete the main quest of the continent you’re on with one character.
  • The character should be at the level cap.
  • Unlock the Island Stronghold, and complete the quest to gain access to the area’s training zone.

After you finish up these three steps, Knowledge Transfers should be available to use. Note that when you use a transfer on an alternate account, you can still play that character. However, you must wait the eight hours before you can come back to the training area in the Stronghold to collect the rewards.

The character will be taken to a tutorial area where the player will read from a book that completes the transfer. Afterward, you will receive all the experience points from the main story quests on the continent you sent them to and all base items from completing that questline.