What are Trial Guardian raids in Lost Ark?

This new content is set to release in May.

Image via Smilegate

In the latest Lost Ark content roadmap, Smilegate introduced a new raid to challenge players on Western servers with the addition of Trial Guardian raids. This new content is set to release in May, alongside the Destroyer advanced class and a collection of quality-of-life adjustments.

Trial Guardians raids are weekly challenges where players can attempt to defeat three major bosses, each with their own required item level to enter. Every week, one of the Guardians will be swapped out for another boss and will provide players another challenge to adapt to as the weeks go by.

The difference between regular Guardian raids and Trial Guardian raids is how the Scale of Harmony will be applied so that a player’s character item level will be adjusted to around that of the current enemy at hand.

Players can’t use the Battle Workshop in the raid region, which means that party members can’t refresh battle item uses and won’t be able to swap their slotted battle items prior to the fight. There will be, however, increased rewards for the increased challenges presented. The rewards for each Guardian can be obtained once per week for a specific roster and also offer better rewards than normal Guardian raids.

Alongside this new raid, players can expect UI updates, improved party finder and party invites, updated loot dismantling, and even more in upcoming patches.