What are Providence Stones in Lost Ark and how can you get them?

Get ready to win over your favorite characters.

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While traveling in the world of Lost Ark, players might find a peculiar heart-shaped item called the Providence Stone. This little rose-colored trinket “symbolizes new relationships,” according to the game’s description, and they do serve a very important purpose for anyone vying for the favor of their favorite non-playable characters.

Providence Stones are used to buy rapport items, which can be found through specific traveling merchants or Nada in Luterra Castle. Rapport items are special gifts that you give to NPCs to increase your rapport with those characters. If you increase this rapport rank, you’ll get better and better rewards as a result.

Screengrab via Lost Ark

How does one get Providence Stones, though? There are only a few ways to find the stones in the world, but the real surefire method is by defeating special enemies marked by a yellow or orange glow around them. These tougher mobs will give extra experience points but will also drop more loot, which could include the stones you seek.

Normal quests will have the best chance of dropping a Providence Stone in their reward list, but while exploring Arkesia, you’ll also run into sudden quests that aren’t too time-consuming and will give a good amount of XP and rewards. Ultimately, you’ll find the stones in your daily actions while playing the game.

Afterward, you’ll be able to use these stones to trade in for rapport items that you can give to your new NPC friends and sweethearts. Remember, specific gifts will give more rapport than others—you can find their preferred gifts in the Rapport menu found in the Adventure tab at the bottom of the in-game screen.