The best weapon combinations in New World

Maximize your weapons' value.

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The number of customization options players have when it comes to their weapon loadout in New World is immense. With 11 weapons in total, there are over 120 combinations of weapons players can choose from when building their loadout. 

Ideally, you’ll want to approach combat situations with one weapon suitable for close range, and another for long-range damage. Being able to move in and out of the thick of things while still dealing damage from everywhere on the battlefield is a vital aspect of combat in New World. 

Most of the weapons in New World are meant strictly for DPS players. Players who want to pursue tanking will have to do so with a Sword and Shield, while prospective healers should use the Life Staff. Still, that’s not to say players who want to take on one of the game’s secondary roles won’t be able to pick up a weapon that also deals damage as one of their secondaries. In fact, healers and tanks are encouraged to use a backup weapon capable of dealing damage in case they find themselves in a pinch. 

With that being said, knowing how to combine your weapons and build the perfect loadout in New World is one of the game’s core principles. Here are some of the best weapon combinations in New World

Rapier and Fire Staff

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Combining the Rapier and the Fire Staff will give you one of the strongest loadouts for pure DPS, but you will be relatively squishy in combat, especially in solo situations. In group scenarios, utilizing this build gives you a strong mix of melee-range burst, long-range sustained damage, and high mobility. When using this build, try to focus on combining your damage-over-time abilities like the Fire Staff’s Singe and the Rapier’s Tondo to get the most out of your loadout. Switching between weapons and effectively applying DoT effects will take some time to master, but once you’re able to grasp the basic mechanics of your weapons, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with, especially in PvE combat. 

Rapier and Bow

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One of the most formidable DPS combinations in New World, the tandem of Rapier and Bow allows players to keep their damage numbers up at all times through a mix of hard-hitting attacks and damage-over-time abilities. With this loadout, you’ll be able to slip between close combat and long distances while still dealing immense damage to your target. Plus, you’ll likely still have bleed effects on your target when you fall back to deal damage with your Bow. With that in mind, the abilities you used in melee range will still be dealing damage to your target while you sling arrows from the backline. 

War Hammer and Ice Gauntlet

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The combination of the War Hammer and Ice Gauntlet is especially strong since it allows you to not only deal damage from afar, but also slow your enemies for an impending melee fight. By the time you’re done dealing damage from the backline and you’ve come face-to-face with your target, they’ll be damaged, slowed, and in prime position to be finished off. Abilities like Ice Storm and Ultimate Chill will increase both your utility and damage, making you extremely valuable from long range. Plus, if you ever need to get up close to an enemy, you’ll have one of the most lethal two-handed weapons, the War Hammer, at your disposal. 

Life Staff and Hatchet

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New World players will see the value of the Hatchet rise whenever their health pool drops, since many of the weapon’s perks, including Berserking Refresh and Defy Death, rely on you to lose health in order to deal more damage. However, once your main window to deal damage with the Hatchet dies down, you’ll be left looking to get yourself back up to full HP while your strongest abilities recharge. That lull in combat is where the Life Staff comes in handy because you’ll have the ability to heal yourself back on your own and stay ready for another round of combat without having to rely on any other players. 


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