Should you resist or swear fealty to Scherrit in Lost Ark?

It's not as drastic as a choice as the game makes it out to be.

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While Lost Ark is a fairly linear game when it comes to its story, you’ll encounter some major choices that could change the way your tale unfolds.

Approximately halfway through the game’s main quest, during a quest titled “Glorious Wall,” you’ll be given the option to either swear fealty or resist Scherrit, a major player in the game’s early story. And while this may feel like a serious choice, its implications aren’t as far-reaching as the story may suggest. 

At the climax of the battle of Luterra Castle, you’ll come face to face with Scherrit, the main adversary of the quest “Glorious Wall.” Scherrit will give you the option of either swearing fealty to him or engaging him in combat as you resist his attempts to claim the throne of Luterra. 

Should I resist or swear fealty?

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If you resist Scheritt, you’ll be engaged in combat with him and the quest’s boss fight will play out as normal. But if you swear fealty, things will play out slightly differently. 

While it may initially seem like swearing fealty will greatly change the destiny of your character (as well as all of Luterra), the actual effects of swearing fealty are far less consequential. In reality, your character feigns fealty for a moment before faking Scherrit out and initiating a fight with him on your own terms anyway. 

All told, it doesn’t matter in the slightest whether you resist or swear fealty to Scherrit since a boss fight will unfold in the throne room of Luterra Castle no matter which option you choose. Your character’s story won’t be affected down the line regardless of whether you resist Scherrit.