Should you dismantle your old gear or sell it in Lost Ark?

Don't run around with a full inventory.

Image via Smilegate

Getting attached to your gear in Lost Ark isn’t usually recommended since you’ll be replacing your items with more powerful ones as you progress through the game.

Once you start acquiring more powerful gear, your older items will start collecting dust in your inventory and it may get a little crowded there since you’ll also be picking up a lot of collectibles during your journey.

If you’re looking to get rid of your old gear, you can try selling it for gold or dismantling it for random items. Choosing what to do, however, will depend on your character’s current needs.

Should you dismantle or sell gear in Lost Ark?

In general, you should dismantle your old gear instead of selling it. While selling your gear will reward you with instant gold, there’s a decent chance that you may come across more valuable items when you start dismantling your old gear.

Even if you get less-valuable items from dismantling your old gear, you can still sell these materials for gold. Considering dismantling is the better way to handle old items, it also allows players some freedom while playing Lost Ark since they won’t need to find a vendor to sell their items every time their inventory gets full. This makes dismantling a time-saving option that can also yield better returns compared to selling old gear.

If you happen to be close to vendors and need immediate gold, you can still opt to sell your gear, which will still be a decent way to make a couple quick bucks.