RuneScape ‘Prime Pumpkin Pet’ and 7-day membership available via Prime Gaming

Don't miss out on these free rewards.

Image via Jagex

Prime Gaming is supplying RuneScape players with some handy gifts this Halloween season, one that will provide some company during adventuring and the other which will make quality of life improved for a limited time.

RuneScape players who are Prime Gaming members can redeem seven days of free premium RS membership, as well as an in-game pumpkin pet. The Prime Pumpkin Pet has the signature Prime Gaming purple color while also sporting a spooky Halloween aesthetic.

Seven days of RuneScape membership is going to provide plenty of bonuses to players with more than 200 extra quests, new skills, minigames, and a ton of other features unlocked for use during the limited time period.

If you’ve been considering membership but still aren’t sure if it will be worth it for you then this is the perfect time to test it out for free as a Prime Gaming member. To claim these rewards simply follow these instructions to link your Jagex account and gain access today.

  • First, navigate to the Prime Gaming website and select claim on the reward you’d like to receive.
  • Next, select “Link Accounts to Use Content.”
  • Login to your RuneScape account.
  • Now, log in to your Amazon account.
  • Allow access to pair the two accounts.
  • The reward will be available on your RuneScape account

This reward will only be available to claim for a limited time, so if you’re a Prime Gaming member or interested in gaining access, don’t hesitate in claiming them today.