Prime Gaming to offer monthly Lost Ark items bundles starting today

Lost Ark is still in early access, but will be free-to-play later this week.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

An exclusive bundle of Lost Ark items will be available to claim via Prime Gaming, the first of which players will be able to obtain later today. 

The first Lost Ark item bundle from Prime Gaming includes a pack of 500 Amethyst Shards, a five-day usage of Crystalline Aura, as well as three Battle Chests: a Healing Battle Chest, a Utility Battle Chest, and an Offensive Battle Chest. 

Before you claim your items, make sure your Amazon Prime account is linked to your Steam account, or link the two accounts if necessary. Once you’ve claimed your Battle Item pack, you’ll be able to see the items you’ve received from Prime Gaming in your in-game inventory. 

Prospective Lost Ark players can gain early access to the game by purchasing a Founder’s Pack on either Amazon or Steam. If early access to the game and bonus items included in the pack aren’t desired, Lost Ark can be played for free starting on Feb. 11. 

More monthly offers for Lost Ark will be available to claim through Prime Gaming in the future. Currently, six in-game loot drops are scheduled for Lost Ark on the Prime Gaming site. 

Lost Ark is set to launch in full on Feb. 11. The game will be free-to-play starting on that date.