Prime Gaming Pirate Pack for New World now available

Captain, we've got loot drops off the port side!

Image via Amazon Games

If you’re one of several thousand players playing (or queueing to play) New World, you can now get the first of several planned Prime Gaming loot drops—if you have a Prime Gaming account.

The first of two Pirate Packs has been released as of Sept. 28, coinciding with the launch of the game, and is available to claim for any Prime user up until Oct. 12. This first pack includes a set of pirate-themed apparel, the pirate stance made famous by Captain Morgan, and a bit of treasure in 5,000 Marks of Fortune.

Marks of Fortune is the premium currency used to purchase cosmetics from the New World in-game store. Five-thousand Marks is $5 worth of premium currency.

How to claim the New World Pirate Pack

To claim the pack, and future packs, navigate to Twitch and go to the Prime Gaming Loot page via the crown icon on the top navigation bar. There, sign in to your Amazon account and go to claim the first pack. When you do, it should redirect you to an Amazon page where you’ll be asked to link your Steam account. After that, click “Go Claim” to be redirected back to the Loot page, and hit “complete claim.”

The contents of your pack should be in your inventory (TAB) the next time you log in.