Phantasmagoria tomestones and red scrips to be deleted upon Endwalker’s release in Final Fantasy XIV

Here's what you can do with them before they disappear from your inventory.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Some new information on gear grinding in Endwalker was revealed by Square Enix earlier today, roughly one month before the expansion’s release in Final Fantasy XIV.

Patch 6.0, which will introduce Endwalker, will delete phantasmagoria tomestones and red scrips from the game. Additionally, allegory and revelation tomestones, as well as yellow gatherers’ and crafters’ scrips, will be discontinued.

Instead, two new types of tomestones and one type of scrips will be introduced to the game to get gear from level 80 to 90—the new level cap after the expansion’s release.

How to use the phantasmagoria tomestones and red scrips you have left before Endwalker

In the announcement, the developer recommends that players exchange the allagan tomestones of phantasmagoria and red scrips they earned before the introduction of Patch 6.0 rather than keeping them in their inventory because they’ll simply disappear.

They actually were already discontinued last year but could still be traded for gear and earned upon the completion of some duties and quests. Here’s what you can do with what you have left:

  • Trade tomestones of phantasmagoria for allegory in Mor Dhona (Auriana, Servant of Splendors).
  • If you already have better gear, use allegories to buy 490 iLvl gear or crafting materials for gil (check what’s more expensive on a Market Board).
  • At time of writing, the Thylacoleo skin, crafted into leather, is the most valuable item to get with allegory tomestones on several servers.
  • Trade red scrips for yellow scrips in Revenant’s Toll.
  • If you already have good DoH/DoL gear and all of the recipe books, you can either buy materias or other items to sell using yellow scrips or wait to trade them for white ones in Patch 6.0.

The rest of the discontinued scrips will be able to be traded for white ones, while the tomestones will be traded for poetics, but they won’t be obtainable anymore.

Since revelation tomestones take longer to earn than poetics, Square Enix will likely convert the number to balance that out with Endwalker’s release, but it’s unclear precisely how that’d work. Considering how the developer carried out the changes on those expansion-specific currencies in the past, however, it won’t likely bring significant alterations to how players can grind for gear and other items.