Numerous servers encoutering technical difficulties during FFXIV’s Endwalker launch day

The issues are "being investigated and addressed."

Image via Square Enix

Fans of multiplayer games are well aware that the servers can take a hit when major updates are introduced, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception.

Its latest expansion, Endwalker, was released in early access earlier today, and the high number of connections from new and returning players all over the world have caused a number of issues that have yet to be resolved.

At around 6am CT, three servers have encountered technical difficulties, kicking all players out of the game and meeting them with an endless queue when they try to reconnect.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Although players might think they’ll end up logging in those servers when the queue ends, that’s not the case. When they advance in the queue, it’s only because some players have opted to leave instead of endlessly waiting. If players leave the queue and enter it again, they will be at the exact same place/

At 5:40am CT, the first server that encountered those difficulties was Chocobo, from the Mana data server in Japan. As a result, the players couldn’t access the World or on another server with their character. The issue was resolved nearly 30 minutes after, though, so players who still don’t success in connecting to the server should restart their game to do so.

The second server to encounter difficulties was Phoenix, from the Light data server in Eastern Europe, but it became available again after 30 minutes.

Finally, Cerberus is the last server to be offline, from Europe. It was stated it became unavailable at 6:53am CT, and its issues have yet to be resolved by the developer. This article will be updated when it will be available again.

While the server has yet to be available again, another has gone offline, too: Carbuncle, from the Elemental data center in Japan.

Since the update was released only a few hours ago, more issues with the servers and the game are expected to arise at busy hours later today.