New World’s Heart of Madness update postponed due to a bug

Players will have to wait one more day for the patch.

Image via Amazon Games

New World’s March update, Heart of Madness, which was scheduled to go live today, has been postponed until Wednesday morning due to a bug, the developers revealed via Twitter today.

“After testing, we have decided to hold on releasing the Heart of Madness update,” Amazon said. “This delay is caused by a bug found late and needs to be fixed before releasing the update.”

The new patch is set to include a couple of new features and fixes. The main storyline will be updated, with the Heart of the Tempest quest being added. The official release of the patch notes says it’s “an endgame expedition for 5 players. Recommended for level 60 players with Gearscores between 550 and 570.”

A new, diversified weapon, Blunderbuss, will also be added to New World. It’s a ranged gun that will allow for “high-mobility coupled with potent close-to-mid range damage,” the developers explained. They add that two classes that are going to be able to make the greatest use out of it are mages and bruisers, due to it being “the first weapon to scale on strength and intelligence.”

New activities, like Vista Views and new enemies, such as Rafflebones the Loot Collector and Stinky the Legendary Hunter, are coming to the game as well.

You can read all the patch notes here.