New World Update 1.3.4 brings general updates and fixes

Fans will need to wait for new content to hit live servers but plenty of fixes have been made.

Image via Amazon Studios

New World is set to launch update 1.3.4 this week and while it won’t include any major content additions, the new patch will remedy issues currently plaguing the game. The patch, releasing later today, includes general fixes for weapons, trade skills, war, expeditions, and more.

For those using Swords, Leaping Strike will no longer be interrupted by light attacks. Void Gauntlet was also changed. And, in this update, Refreshing Harvest has received a passive fix so it will only reduce cooldown from Harvest Essence damage.

Expeditions have had a few changes made. Notably, the glyph puzzle in The Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition has been fixed as an issue was stocking players from progressing. 

Multiple Expedition Orb changes have been made which include Mutated Expedition Tuning Orbs being sold once every three days instead of once a week. Similarly, Garden of Genesis and Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Tuning Orbs will be available once every three days instead of every day.

Some input issues have also been fixed. One of these would see players use an ability before cycling their weapon, which would trigger that ability slot on the new weapon. The other fix will see Crowd Control effects now clear the New World input buffer when they are first cast.

The other changes that have been made were to the tradeskill Logging, an issue with Crafting Stations, and finally, some small problems plaguing war.

You can check out all of the changes in the patch notes on New World’s forum here.