New World Update 1.3.1 brings in general fixes and updates to combat

There aren't too many changes coming to the game with this patch.

Image via Amazon Games

After the Mutator Update earlier this year, New World’s latest patch won’t be adding any new content, instead, it will work to remedy issues that arose previously.

Later today, New World Update 1.3.1 will roll out, bringing with it multiple general fixes and a handful of updates to combat.

The Juniper Berries exploit will be patched out, along with the addition of “a layer of progression and potential for extra coin for players at end game.”

Players shouldn’t have issues losing their homes or items as the team has overhauled the Housing system and believe to have fixed the problem. Also, home-related fast traveling problems have been fixed.

The team is aware of an issue with the weekly Mutator schedule that is causing it to stay the same and not rotate. While no fix has been issued, further code has been deployed with the goal of tracking down the issue.

Update 1.3.1 includes three combat updates for the Void Gauntlet, Rapier, and Ice Gauntlet. These will repair small problems with their abilities that are causing different issues.

While this is everything coming to the live server, New World’s PTR has a ton of other updates being tested before they eventually make their way into the live game. These include new Player Combat, PVE, Outpost Rush, and Crafting changes.

You can check out all the information on the changes being implemented to New World’s PTR via an official blog post here.