New World Trial of the Templar quest guide

Take the Trial of the Templar.

New World gives players plenty of choices to make their character and playstyle unique. One of these choices come early in the game and will see players select their faction in the game. Factions offer mainly cosmetic differences, along with dictating your PvP team, but there are a few different PvE factors that change from faction to faction.

One of these is the quest to advance reputation. For those who chose the Covenant, or Yellow faction, the first of these you’ll encounter is the Trial of the Templar. Advancing to Templar will provide access to new faction store weapons and provide more quests to be promoted even further in the Covenant Faction.

You’ll need to be around level 25 to complete this quest, but once you’re ready it is quite simple to get done and provides plenty of benefits.

How to complete Trail of the Templar

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

The first thing to do once you’re a high enough level and have completed enough Faction quests to graduate to Templar, visit the Covenant representative Beatris Roose in Brightwood, who will give you the Trial of the Templar quest.

Once accepted, head down to Walsham, which can be located in the South West of Brightwood. Once you’re here, head into Marcel’s Hamlet to find and kill Apostate Luca.

Once defeated, make sure to read his journal next to a nearby stockpile and this is the final part of the mission. If Luca isn’t there, you’ll need to wait a bit for him to spawn.

Finally, head back to Brightwood and cash in your mission at the Covenant rep, and you should graduate to the Templar rank.