New World Trial of the Scrivener quest guide

Level up your rep.

One of the options New World players have to customize their character is to select the faction they’d like to be a part of. This decision doesn’t have a whole lot of PvE implications, but it does dictate the unique questline you’ll need to complete to promote your reputation.

If you’ve chosen the Syndicate, commonly referred to the Purple Team, you’re going to need to complete the Syndicate Advancement quest to gain the rank of Scrivener.

Building up the reputation to acquire the quest is quite simple and can be done at any level by completing faction missions. Once you have the quest, however, you’ll need to be slightly higher level to complete, roughly around level 25.

Here is what you’re going to have to do in order to complete it and level up your faction reputation to Scrivener.

How to complete Trial of the Scrivener

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

The first thing you’ll need to do if you have access to this mission is to visit the Syndicate representative in Brightwood. This is a level 26- 35 area, so if you are not within this range you may struggle, or just not have access yet.

Once you speak to Laurentius Krockes, the Syndicate rep, he will give you the Trial of Scrivener quest, which will require traveling down to Walsham’s Field in the bottom center of the zone.

When you arrive, locate the blue highlighted spot and place down the Trace Absorber. Next, as you are cued, eliminate Gheist Malikor, a yellow spirit located nearby. Upon dealing the finishing blow to Malikor, you’ll then be able to collect the full Trace Absorber to be taken back to Brightwood.

Now visit the Syndicate rep once again to hand the quest in, and obtain the rank of Scrivener.