New World team share details of upcoming server transfers in Q&A

There's still no date for when this service will go live.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

New World players have been eagerly awaiting news on the promised server transfers that Amazon Game Studios announced to remedy long server queues on launch. While they have been delayed, many questions were answered regarding the subject during a Q&A on the New World forum earlier today.

The Q&A took the most popular questions from the community regarding the server transfer service and provided some insight into its limitations, what players can expect, but sadly, no official date for it to join the game.

When server transfers are added to the game, all players will receive a single transfer token that is tied to the account, not character. This means that if you have multiple characters, you’ll only be able to transfer one. These tokens will be permanent so they can be used any time after distribution.

Amazon also confirmed that players will only be able to transfer between servers in the same region, but cross-region transfers are something the team is looking into for the future.

Something that players were worried about was not being able to transfer into servers that are currently marked ‘full,’ but the team attempted to ease fears of this by sharing that many servers will have the ‘full’ tag removed over the coming days.

“We monitor full status on a daily basis with changes as recently as today,” the spokesperson wrote. “’Full’ doesn’t indicate a server that always has queues, it indicates a server that during typical peak usage has a substantial queue. We will be relaxing Full status on many worlds when transfers start, to allow the most flexibility possible. After transfers have slowed down we will re-evaluate which worlds might still need the designation.”

If server transfers overwork a server, the team said they will re-evaluate and hand out new transfer tokens to players where necessary.

There were plenty of other questions answered so if you’d like to know what was said in detail you can check out the Q&A here.