New World store skins disabled after causing server crashes

The Corrupted Love Pack and Angels and Demon's skins have all been disabled until further notice.

Image via Amazon Games

After launching a new line of skins earlier this week, Amazon Game Studios has disabled these new cosmetics in New World as they appear to have been causing server issues.

In a post on social media, the team shared that the Corrupted Love pack and new Angels and Demon’s skins have all been removed from the store while the issue is investigated.

The skins were causing servers to crash, according to the post. Amazon plans to let fans know when they are back live for purchase.

It seems New World’s rocky launch, which was plagued with bugs and server problems, isn’t over yet. But over the next month, many of its issues will be addressed, according to a response to a player’s question regarding when new playable content will join the game.

“The next month, we will be dedicated to bugs, bots, and balance. We’re planning more exciting content in the future,” the response said.

New World launched in late September 2021, and the game has had little in the ways of new content since. This, alongside its technical issues, appears to have led to a decline in players across all regions.

While players won’t be getting any new content this month, the new cosmetics will likely be made available on the store once again when the issue is resolved. You can check out the New World Twitter for updates on this and more.