New World servers with the lowest population/wait time

Some servers are just born popular.

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The hype levels for New World were already through the roof before release. Considering the multiple betas, most players were counting days to return to Aeternum. The turnout was even larger than expected, however, and servers even had a hard time when it came to keeping up with the demand.

Some of the popular servers were so full that players who wanted to log in needed to wait for hours. Getting stuck in a queue for extended periods won’t be ideal for most players since spending your time playing New World will always sound better than waiting in a queue.

Even if you created a character in the server in question, it might make more sense to create another one in a less crowded server so you can always jump back into action without waiting.

While some of the servers drew in more players than expected since they were the choice of streamers and content creators, other servers are still doing just fine in terms of population with low waiting times.

US East

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As of now, Maca, Glubbdubdrib, Tumtum, and City of Brass are four of the High population servers that have the least number of players waiting in queue.

Utensils, Hufaidh, Urminsul, Ker-Is, Tulgey Woord, Charybdis, and Neritum are the Medium population servers. Med servers often won’t have any players waiting in queue and when they do, it’ll only be a couple of players and you should be able to get into the server within a couple of minutes.

US West

Screengrab via Amazon Game Studios

If you have less ping in US West servers and want to take your place in a highly populated server, you can choose one of the following servers that all have low waiting times.

  • Kokytos
  • Rarohenga
  • Saknussemm
  • Lilliput
  • Tipra Chonnlai

Players who are looking for a Medium population US West server will have more options.

  • Diranda
  • Mimisbrunnr
  • Manghalour
  • Pohjola
  • Lintukoto
  • Samavasarana

Compared to other Medium population servers, the above six may feature a couple of players in the queue from time to time. You should still be able to get into them within a few minutes, though, since queues with less than 10 players don’t take that long.

The waiting time for the servers above may change at any time since it only takes a content creator to choose them as their new world. The servers above can also lose players over time due to various reasons, meaning there will always be servers that grow out of being low wait time servers while some will do the opposite.