New World rolls out first store update, includes a ton of Halloween cosmetics

Pick up a new look today.

Image via Amazon Games

While New World might not feature a Halloween-specific event, the game is still getting into the spooky spirit with its first in-game store update boasting plenty of new looks to celebrate the holiday.

This October update to the store boasts new weapon and armor skins, along with new decorations for houses.

There are three new armor skins now available for purchase in the store, all with their own unique look. The Bloodthirsty Count and Shroud of the Pharaoh skins can both be purchased for 14,000 Marks of Fortune. If you’re looking for the most premium new armor skin, though, that’s the Skeletal Chevalier skin for 16,000 Marks of Fortune.

Five new weapon skins have joined the game, too, including the Frankenstein Hammer, Skeletal Rapier, Crimson Bloodlock Musket, Black Widow Staff, and Pharoah’s Curse Great Axe. All of these weapon skins can be purchased for 8,500 Marks of Fortune.

For just 7,000 Marks of Fortune, you can pick up one of the four new masks added to the game. These include the Elemental Mask, Demon Mask, Elusive One Mask, and Plague Doctor Mask.

If you’re looking to add some Halloween spark to your housing, pick up the Haunted Housing Decor Bundle for 25,000 Marks of Fortune. This includes a bunch of Halloween-themed decorations. Along with this, these are new emotes and consumable dies that you may want to spice things up with.

If you’re not planning to spend any money this Halloween, you can still redeem a free Spacegrace Jack’s Happy Lantern from the store until Nov. 15. With no cost, why not add this item to your home this spooky season?