New World revokes fraudulent keys to combat gold farming and botting

If you've been wrongly targeted, you'll want to contact support immediately.

Image via Amazon Games

After receiving countless reports of botting and gold farming in New World, Amazon Game Studios has revoked thousands of game keys to players they believe had been engaging in the practice.

In a forum post, community manager TrevzorFTW shared the news that steps had been taken to “revoke thousands of keys that were fraudulently obtained to disrupt gameplay.” The post also explained that some legitimate keys may be affected by this mass ban and urged any of these players to contact support immediately.

New World has been available through many different means from regular purchasing outlets like Steam and Amazon, to giveaways from content creators and other organizations. It seems the majority of the fraudulent codes appeared from secondary key sales websites, but according to responses on Reddit, players have been wrongly flagged from all of the purchase locations.

Players shared their experiences playing New World last night and seeing many of the popular botting locations whether they be fishing spots or mining routes with substantially fewer players than before. This could indicate that the revoking of keys has remedied the bot issue or simply scared players out of doing so.

If you’ve been negatively affected by this ban wave and don’t believe that you breached any of the rules of the game, you’ll want to take this up with support immediately. Instructions for how to go about doing this can be found on the original forum post here.