New World player summons secret enemy Serenity Maiden Liu

What other secrets can be found around Aeternum?

Image via Amazon Games

New World’s player numbers may have dwindled heavily since its launch, but the remaining player base continues to find new secrets within the game.

A Reddit user shared their latest discovery of which they may be the first to have found. In Ebonscale Reach, there is a secret enemy you can face named Serenity Maiden Liu, but you won’t stumble upon her by accident.

To summon this enemy you need to complete a series of tasks solving the puzzle and getting the enemy to spawn. As detailed by the Redditor, here is what you’ll need to do to start the encounter.

  1. Killing a Swarmer/Impaler spawns the next one
  2. They are increasingly harder to find
  3. Walk away too far or take too long and everything resets
  4. 21 is the magic number
  5. They have to be killed in the correct order

The fight against Serenity Maiden Liu isn’t the most difficult, and as you’d expect, the level 60 enemy doesn’t drop anything game-changing. If you’re looking to experience everything the game has to offer, you’ll need to face off against her at some stage.

The discovery of this new enemy has led to fans questioning what other secret enemies could be out there around the map. It’s likely that there are more yet to be found, which will give players something to explore before new content is added in the future.

Earlier this week, New World got its first update of 2022. Bug fixes dominated the update, check it out here.