New World player reports game-breaking bug that has stuck their character outside the map for days

According to the post, Amazon are yet to provide any indication of a fix.

Image via Amazon Studios

With any new game release, there are usually bugs that need to be fixed. But one issue that a New World player has encountered seems to have left them unable to play the game for almost a week.

According to a Reddit user, an Outpost Rush bug stuck their character outside the map in a mess of teleporting between zones. Amazon has yet to issue a fix, making it impossible for the player to actually play the game.

KingRaliant explains the issue stemmed from a “Teleportation Failed” error that arose after joining a game of Outpost Rush. Shortly after the player was killed and once a long load screen was completed, their character was stuck under the map with no way to get back in.

After this issue occurred, the player claims to have contacted support multiple times, with a bug report being filed four days ago. The player said he was told the issue was resolved and also that it would be fixed in a day. Unfortunately, their character is still stuck.

At the moment, Outpost Rush is disabled due to an unrelated issue, but the Redditor warned that the issue could potentially happen in other instance modes such as War, Expedition, or Invasion. No cases of the problem occurring from these modes have been recorded yet.