New World player reaches level cap without killing any enemies or equipping a weapon

The grind is complete.

Image via Amazon Studios

New World has been out almost a month now. While there have been a bunch of players to reach the maximum level of 60, one player took their own route, reaching this level without ever killing enemies, or even equipping a weapon.

Sharing their achievement to the New World subreddit, user Iventilde, who played the character No Kill on the world Themiscyra, showed off their skills and other achievements to prove the challenge had been completed.

The way that this player was able to complete this impressive feat was through leveling up trade skills to gain XP, notably harvesting, mining, and logging. Each time a resource is gathered, some XP is granted. But to accumulate enough to reach 60 would have taken a very long time—about a month, apparently—and monumental effort.

During this challenge, the player wasn’t able to progress through the story because killing enemies wasn’t permitted, so there wasn’t any way of completing expeditions and other ways to gather XP fast.

According to their comments on the Reddit post, this player mostly lived around Everfall where there were ample mining locations. Outside of Logging, Mining, and Harvesting, Fishing looks to have been a popular leveling route along with Woodworking, Smelting, Weaving, and Stonecutting. But none of these trade skills reached the maximum level 200 before player level 60 was reached.

Iventilde claims the next challenge will be to level up all weapon skills again without killing, but the logistics of accomplishing this are still being mapped. You can check this out when the plan gets into motion over on their Twitch.