New World peaks at over 190,000 concurrent players during beta on Steam

To no surprise of those who tried to play on launch.

Image via Amazon Studios

Amazon’s entry into the MMO genre New World entered its closed beta testing phase on July 20 and its launch looks to have been a massive success.

New World reached its peak on Tuesday, July 20, with 190,811 players in-game on Steam, according to Steamdb, a website that tracks game analytics on the PC platform. At the time of writing this, even during off-peak hours, the beta boasts over 80,000 people in-game.

This number won’t be a shock to those who tried to get in on the action on launch and were met with long queue times. With so many day one players, the game took its spot in the top four games on Steam, right in front of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Apex Legends.

The beta, which runs from July 20 until August 2, has functioned quite well for most players, aside from its heavily publicized destruction of EVGA RTX 3090 graphics cards, and is shaping up to be a nice alternative to the current games dominating the MMO space.

New World will fully launch on August 31 and is available to purchase on both and Steam. If you’re eager to get in on the beta you can do so by pre-ordering the game, however, it may take up to two days for you to receive your code.

With promising numbers trying the game out during its beta testing, it remains to be seen whether these numbers will remain consistent and transition into sales when it finally does launch in August.