New World Patch 1.3.2 brings more bug fixes

Fans may be disappointed about the lack of new content, but some issues have been fixed in this latest patch.

Image via Amazon Games

New World has rolled out its latest update, Patch 1.3.2. This update doesn’t bring any new content to the game but does however make adjustments to its endgame content and fixes some ongoing issues.

The endgame updates in the update include fixes to messaging problems occurring during high-rank mutators. Another issue has been fixed that was occurring when players attempted to upgrade equipment while having their storage open.

There were also a handful of general updates and fixes which were causing movement speed problems for players in PVP. For those who participate in War or Invasions, an issue has been remedied that was allowing players to be listed for the event multiple times.

Of the game’s weapons, the Hatchet was the focus of this patch. Issues with the On Fire passive have been fixed so players will crit everything on their third hit. The update also fixes a problem where DoTs was resetting hits with the Accumulating Power passive, ultimately stopping it from being constantly active.

That’s all the changes in today’s patch. Fans are eagerly awaiting new content, so perhaps in the coming weeks we’ll get more information on any new additions in the works.