New World patch 1.1.1 will remedy several issues from November’s update

Things should be returning to normal.

Image via Amazon Games

New World is set to roll out a new update later today, and while Patch 1.1.1 won’t contain any new additions, it will remedy problems that arose after November’s major update.

Within this update are changes that will make some items harder to come upon as was initially intended in the planning of the game, fix changes to horticulture gear, optimize crafting, and a handful of bug fixes.

Elemental enemies will no longer provide players with as many rewards for skinning. Elemental motes have been removed entirely as a reward for gathering elemental creatures and other resources have also been slightly reduced. This was done as these creatures were initially intended to be rare and difficult encounters, but this wasn’t the case in the execution of the game.

Changes in November’s update saw horticulture harvesting gear removed from the game entirely as part of an error and so it has been returned and affected players will receive some free harvester gear from a rewards chest in their inventory. Housing also suffered some issues earlier this month, but now features like moving, trading, and salvaging housing items and furnishings have been re-enabled.

A major bug was fixed involving the crafting of jewels, which now will grant the appropriate amount of trade skill XP. The team also detailed in a blog post why they chose to lower the amount of XP players receive from crafting lower trade skill items after leveling past them.

Outside of these, the groundwork was put in place for server merges to come in the future and a handful of bug fixes and performance enhancements were made.