New World Patch 1.0.2 will modify territory influence, fix Bear and Boar spawns, and implement more bug fixes

It's going to be slightly more difficult to flip a territory after these changes.

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New World has rolled out its second update since launch and a ton of bug fixes and a much-needed adjustment to Faction Missions are included in the patch notes.

Patch 1.0.2 will go live on Oct. 13 at 5:00 am CT and bring with it some big changes for many of the different game mechanics players have been taking advantage of. The biggest of these changes will be the Faction Missions system. This patch will adjust the rates of influence gain over time making it more difficult to flip a territory and declare War. Right now, this can be done fairly easily, but after the change, it will take a lot more grinding for factions. One way this has been implemented is by removing the decrease of defender influence over time and also the rates of influence gain over time for those attacking.

Plenty of bugs and issues plaguing the game have been dealt with in Patch 1.0.2. Notably, the Bear spawner that some players were using to grind XP and skinning levels has been fixed by reducing the respawn speed of these bears. A similar issue has also been patched out with Boars in Restless Shores.

There have been a handful of fixes to the in-game store also that will remedy armor issues, item unlock bugs, and ensure that skin previews are functioning correctly.

If you’re after a full list of all the bug fixes that are being implemented with Patch 1.0.2 early tomorrow, you can check that out on New World’s official forum here.

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