New World is getting a new weapon and expedition with the Heart of Madness update

The update was previewed ahead of its introduction to the PTR.

Image via Amazon Games

Much to the excitement of its fans, New World is finally getting new content. Today, the team behind the game announced that the Heart of Madness update will be coming to the PTR, bringing both a new weapon and a new expedition.

Tempest’s Heart is the brand-new expedition that endgame players can challenge themselves with. This new addition sees players head back to Shattered Mountain in a story questline to pursue Isabella.

The expedition, like others, is set up for five max-level players and it is recommended that their gearscore be around 550 or more.

Right now, there are no further details of how this expedition will work, but it is set to come to the PTR with the March update.

New World will also receive a new ranged weapon in the update called the Blunderbuss. Unlike other ranged weapons, this gun is perfect for closer altercations and boasts a ton of mobility. The Blunderbuss is also the only weapon currently in the game that runs on Strength and Intelligence, so it’s quite versatile to fit into builds with other main weapons.

In the latest announcement, the New World team also teased a new questline for those that have maxed out their weapon mastery upon reaching level 60.

No further details were shared about the patch aside from teasing that it will include more bug fixes and balance changes. Fans can expect further news once it drops tomorrow, March 3, on the PTR.