New World interactive map will help you find everything you need

Use this to your advantage.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon Studios’ New World is finally here, and thousands of players are diving into the new and exciting MMO. New World allows players to customize their attributes to create a unique gaming experience as they fight enemies and explore Aeternum. 

While most players are having fun exploring at their own pace, some fans would appreciate a detailed map allowing them to find exactly what they need. The good news is has a free-to-use map that highlights everything you could ever need in New World

The map shows the entire playable area, marking locations like settlements, watchtowers, outposts, and arenas. The map also shows the location of bosses and chests, which can be useful when navigating a dangerous area. Mineral and animal locations can also be enabled, significantly cutting down on time spent finding crafting items or items needed to complete quests. 

Players can customize the information on the map to highlight what they need, making it easier to find items at a glance. The map also features detailed renditions of each expedition, highlighting information like elite enemies and respawn shrines. 

The map pulls from the New World Database, which is another excellent resource for dedicated players. You will likely start memorizing locations as you grind New World, but this map is an excellent tool to use on a rainy day. Players who create an account can mark their own locations and track their collectibles.


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