New features and items, achievements tab revamp, and more listed in FFXIV Endwalker 6.0 preliminary patch notes

Four new dungeons, five Deliveries questlines, aphorism tomestones, and even more to expect.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV‘s Endwalker is just around the corner, bringing the biggest content patch in over two years. Fans’ anticipation has reached its peak, and Square Enix gave some more information to sate players before the release of the expansion.

The developer listed the preliminary notes of the 6.0 patch earlier today, and will introduce Endwalker on Dec. 3 after a day-long maintenance for players with early access. The expansion will be available to other players on Dec. 7.

Most of the preliminary patch notes’ information were already known to players, but there were some interesting new information and updates.

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With patch 6.0, a total of four new dungeons will be added, as well as several trials. The first savage raid, however, won’t be released before 2022 (with patch 6.05) and the Pandæmonium raid will come in patch 6.01, with the release date yet to be revealed.

The number of Aether currents will be reduced in all areas to facilitate flying unlock. Some teasers were also added to illustrate some of upcoming main scenario quests, beast tribe, and role quests. All new role quests will be available to unlock in Radz-at-Han after progressing in the main scenario.

In terms of FFXIV‘s interface, not many changes will occur with Endwalker. But one that wasn’t shown before is the revamp of the Achievements window, which will be much easier to navigate and will have a new style. Another interface feature will be the choice to automatically use Aetheryte tickets to teleport when its cost surpasses a certain amount, which will be very useful considering the price will be increased.

A new Deliveries system for crafting and gathering jobs was also detailed. For the first time, Deliveries will be specific to certain categories of jobs, divided in five “faculties” to progress in Old Sharlayan. Moreover, a favorite recipes’ functionality will be added for those jobs.

Screengrab via Square Enix

In addition, the new house district in Ishgard will be called the Empyreum and will be subject, like the other districts, to the new lottery system. It’s still unclear if Old Sharlayan will include a new house district too, but in any case, it won’t be soon since it wasn’t listed in the patch notes.

Players who stacked up massive amounts of MGP will be satisfied to know that new items will be available in the Gold Saucer as soon as the patch 6.0 is introduced, including new rewards, Triple Triad cards, and a new NPC to face off against.

All new Endwalker main areas were listed in the preliminary notes, such as Old Sharlayan, Thavnair’s Radz-at-Han, The Moon, and Garlemald. New levequests, FATEs, Treasure Maps, and Sightseeing entries were all confirmed again, too.

In terms of combat changes, the healer’s Limit Break range will be increased by nearly half, and values’ downscale was further detailed, although it’s still unclear what will be the clear impact of the latter change.

A new kind of tomestones to grind will be called Aphorism, with a classic 2,000-cap at level 90, but there won’t be any weekly limit. Plus, Astronomy tomestones will be added towards the end of the year.

Finally, new mounts, minions, chocobo barding, fashion accessories, hairstyles and other items were shown in images. You can see them here.