Lost Ark won’t be increasing its server player cap in Europe Central

Smilegate say there's no way server capacity can be increased.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark servers have been pushed to capacity limits in the past week as more and more players pour into Arkesia, leading to longer and longer queue times for the popular new MMO. Unfortunately, Smilegate has warned players it’s an issue that may be here to stay for the foreseeable future.

In a blog post from Feb. 20, Smilegate admitted there is no way they can increase the Lost Ark player capacity for each loaded server within Europe Central.

“Adding more servers is not possible based on the complexity of all the systems that need to work together,” the blog post reads.

Players will have noticed that a new region, Europe West, opened its doors last week. This newly established server is separated from Central Europe with the goal to cut down queue times. Now players in Europe can choose between either region, both of which boast a handful of servers.

The team is encouraging those who haven’t yet progressed far through the game to consider switching to the new Europe West server. As an added incentive, the devs have also added ways to redeem a variation of the Founders Packs for purchasing players who had already redeemed their bonuses on Central Europe.

Smilegate also announced that server transfers won’t be coming soon for active characters. As they explain, the service has just rolled out in Korea and isn’t ready yet for global expansion.

In the future it’s likely more tools will be added to remedy this but, for now, players who have cemented their place on a server will have to stick with it despite queue times.