Lost Ark is offering incentives for players to switch to less populated servers

Those looking to play Lost Ark today will likely have to wait.

Image via Smilegate

Lost Ark is offering some extra in-game items to players who switch to less populated servers ahead of the official launch of the free-to-play MMO.

Reminiscent of how New World launched last year, Lost Ark is suffering from long server queues before the game even launched, during its early access period. To combat this, Lost Ark has added new servers and is offering more in-game items to entice players to switch.

For those who bought a Founder’s Pack to gain early access to the MMO, those same items will be offered again for players who switch to quieter servers. Those who purchased Silver, Gold, or Platinum packs will also receive extra Royal Crystals, which is the premium in-game currency used to buy things like skins and mounts. This is Smilegate’s attempt to spread out the player base over a number of newer servers instead of players sitting in a queue for one of the more populated servers.

Although that incentive does sound great, players won’t be able to switch their existing characters over to new servers. Players who want to switch to the quieter servers will have to start over completely. What Smilegate is doing by offering more Founder’s Pack items is allowing more characters to start with the items on different servers.

A plethora of additional servers have been added to the game ahead of launch, which was initially set for 11am CT today before the Lost Ark Twitter account announced a delay. Players are likely to experience long queue times and it’s possible that the long queue times will persist even for players who join the newly added servers.