Lost Ark developers will keep an eye on server limits after 1.2 million flock to the game

New characters now have new servers to call home.

Image via Smilegate

Amazon Games and Smilegate have started carefully lifting character creation limits after over 1.2 million people flocked to Lost Ark on Saturday. The company will monitor populations and queue times to assess the new limits.

“We will be carefully lifting character creation limits on servers to allow new players to join servers that they may not have been able to previously,” an official statement reads. “However, we are closely monitoring server populations and queue times, so these character creation limits may return as queues begin to grow.”

This is great news for those who have friends in locked servers, since players can only play with other people on the same server. With character creation becoming available on previously closed servers, it means guilds and friends can now play with each other on their preferred server. Previously, new characters could only be created on the newly added servers that were put in place to deal with the overflow from the original batch of servers.

Amazon will be monitoring the servers and may close them to new characters again if queue times start creeping up again, but for now, players will find more servers open for new character creation.

Lost Ark launched yesterday after a delay due to “deployment issues.” Once the game finally went live, players discovered their previously created characters were gone, and they couldn’t create a new character either. These issues, however, seem to be subsiding, and the game has been breaking records since its full release.