How to unlock Wivre mount in Final Fantasy XIV

It's one of the longest grinds possible in the game.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV fans are in for a treat due to the countless new features Square Enix introduced earlier in December with the latest expansion, Endwalker.

Mounts are often among the most-awaited new features in FFXIV and this expansion is no exception. Of all the recently-introduced mounts, though, the Wivre is the most valuable.

It’s reminiscent of a rhinoceros, with a barding and adventure stuff secured around it. The game describes it as an “ill-mannered scalekin difficult to tame,” coming from the New World area.

Here’s how to unlock the Wivre mount in FFXIV.

How to unlock Wivre mount in Final Fantasy XIV

The Wivre Horn can be bought in Mor Dhona from Edelina at X: 22.2, Y: 4.9 for 500 Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers. It’s extremely expensive because one voucher amounts to 100 Bicolor Gemstones, which means 50,000 Gemstones are required to get the mount.

Gemstones are rewarded for completing FATEs on the Shadowbringers and Endwalker maps (14 per successful FATE, seven if it failed). That means it’d take roughly 3,571 successful FATEs to get enough vouchers for the mount, and it can take about one to 10 minutes to complete each.

In addition, the Vouchers won’t be available right away. You’ll have to reach Shared FATEs’ rank three on either all of Shadowbringers’ maps or Endwalker’s maps to unlock the Vouchers.

There are six maps per expansion and the completion of 67 FATEs with a gold medal are required to reach rank three, amounting to 402 FATEs in total. So all of your Bicolor Gemstones earned before that, aside from the 1,000 you can hold, won’t even count toward its progress.

Fortunately, for the players who are determined to earn this mount, the Wivre Horn and the Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers can be bought on the Market Board. So you’ll either have to invest a massive amount of time or money to get the mount.

The Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers are expensive right now (over one million gil per voucher, so 500 million gil for the mount, depending on the different servers) because the mount was recently introduced. But the price should become lower over time, until the release of the next expansion in over two years.