How to unlock Sage in Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker

It'll be the best healing job for aggressive players.

Image via Square Enix

Most players are eager to test out all new features the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker is going to offer, and healer mains are in for a treat.

Like other expansions, it will introduce two new combat classes: Reaper and Sage. The latter is an aggressive healing job that healers will likely want to test out, or even choose as their new main.

The Sage will be the first class exclusive to FFXIV, others being usually inspired by previous Final Fantasy games. Their unique weapon will allow them to heal and to deal damage in similar fashion.

The Sage will also use a gauge to get more resources to cast spells on top of mana. It doesn’t look easy to pick up, but it’ll be highly rewarding when mastered.

How to unlock Sage in Endwalker

Like the Reaper and every other job released as part as expansions, the Sage won’t be unlocked at level one in FFXIV but directly at 70, the start level of the previous expansion. This level will be required to start out the questline and unlock the class, as well as completing some quests from Endwalker‘s main scenario.

In addition, it’ll be restricted to players who bought the expansion since it’s one of its main features. Those who have Shadowbringers or Stormblood as the last expansion and reached the level required, but didn’t buy Endwalker, won’t be able to play the class.

The Sage’s questline will be unlocked in Limsa Lominsa’s Lower Decks (X:9.4 Y:12.9) by speaking to the Sharlayan Maiden. You’ll find a blue quest sign on the map to guide you and help you start the questline.

Since the Sage will be unlocked at level 70, the players will have to grind a bit before being able to complete Endwalker content with the new class. It’ll allow them to acclimatize to the class’ playstyle, and maybe master its rotations, then stepping in as true Sage masters in the endgame content.