How to unlock and complete the Panda Island Quest in Lost Ark

You'll unlock the Panda's Rapport.

Image via Smilegate

Once you’ve unlocked the Islands in Lost Ark, you’ll have more content to progress through. One of them is called the Panda Island. To get the Island’s Token, you’ll have to unlock the Panda Island Quest first.

This quest will reward you with the Panda Island Token once you have leveled up the Panda’s Rapport level. It’ll take you some time, but the reward is worth the effort.

Here’s how to get and complete the Panda Island Quest in Lost Ark.

How to complete the Panda Island Quest

Before starting the Panda Island Quest, you’ll have to complete another one. You should be able to start the “Fragrance and Fish” quest as soon as you land on Panda Island for the first time. A creature named Chungshu, a kind of red panda, will hand it to you.

First, you’ll have to head to the red square shown below and find the secret passage to go north of the path. In addition to progressing through the quest, this will allow you to reach a Mokoko seed.

Screengrab via Smilegate | Remix by Eva Martinello

Then, head to the south square for the second clue. Climb and jump down to a series of platforms until you reach the end of the path, leading to the sea.

Lastly, head to the western square for the third clue. Once again, find the secret passage that will bring you through the woods and go to the end of the path.

Then, you’ll be able to get the purple quest by talking to the panda located in the north part of the map. This one will be more straightforward than the previous one, so you shouldn’t struggle with it. After that, don’t forget to do your dailies to level up your Rapport level with the NPC.