How to get the Prince Lunatender minion in Final Fantasy XIV

Get the alien to follow you everywhere.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV offers numerous customization choices for the fans, and a bunch of them were added alongside the expansion Endwalker earlier in December.

Minions are pets that follow the characters around. Some have unique interactions such as sitting on the character’s shoulder or interacting with other minions.

The Lunatenders made quite an impression on the FFXIV community when they were teased with the Mare Lamentorum map before the release of the expansion. Those monsters live on the moon and have a singular form. Fortunately for players who liked the creatures, they are also available as minions.

How to get the Prince Lunatender minion in FFXIV

The Prince Lunatender minion can be hard to unlock. It’s a random loot from the level 90 dungeon called Smileton., and you’ll have to farm the dungeon if you don’t get the Prince Lunatender minion the first time.

It’s also possible to buy the minion on the market board. Its price can vary between 600,000 to one million gil, depending on data center. It’s no small cost but remains accessible to most high-level players.

Since the Smileton dungeon isn’t part of Endwalker‘s Main Scenario, you might not have unlocked it. The duty is unlocked behind the quest “Cutting the Cheese.” You can get it by speaking to a Loporrit in Old Sharlayan after completing all Endwalker main scenario quests.

The dungeon features a unique design, so it’s worth finishing it for the experience, too. If you don’t want to farm it, you can also bet on your luck and complete your daily Expert roulettes, hoping to get this dungeon and the loot.