How to get the Opportunity Isle island token in Lost Ark

It may take a fair amount of time if you're unlucky.

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Lost Ark players can discover tons of different mechanics in the South-Korean MMO title, and the game will become more interesting when they’ll learn how to sail while progressing the main quest. The Oceans are home to numerous islands that players are able to explore.

In addition to enhancement gear materials, engraving recipes, and other items that will help the players progress in the game, the islands can yield collectibles known as the Island Tokens. Each island gives one, which is a requirement to complete various quests. Players can redeem them in Opher, the Lonely Island, and the tokens can be traded for numerous rewards there.

The Opportunity Isle is located on the West of the Arthetine continent, between the Tooki Island and the Fugitive Island. It’s not a secret island, but its entry is linked to a Calendar Event, so the players can’t dock there whenever they want. The average item level recommended when entering is 250, which is pretty standard at level 50.

Here is how to get the Opportunity Isle’s Island Token in Lost Ark.

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Getting the Opportunity Isle island token

It might take you time to get the island token of the Opportunity Isle, because it’s only available as random loot from co-op quests, meaning you’ll have to repeat the quest until you loot it via the Angler’s Pouch reward item.

The process is similar to the Lullaby Island, except the Island appears less often, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the events compass on the left of the game’s screen not to miss the island’s rare appearances.

There is no way to predict when it’ll appear, as it entirely depends on how the schedule is created every day. You’ll just have to keep track of the schedule when playing.

Here are the steps to follow to get the Opportunity Isle’s island token:

  • A few minutes before the Isle is supposed to appear according to the game’s compass, buy a ticket to the Arthetine continent and sail to the Isle following the compass’ coordinates.
  • Once on the Isle, head to the yellow exclamation point on the mini map and speak to the NPC that will give you the Co-Op questline named “The World of Fishing.”
  • Follow the quest and earn your membership card to fish on the island.
  • Head to a fishing point, indicated by the hook symbol on the mini-map, and begin the Co-Op quest by speaking to the NPC close to it.
  • When all players will have caught a total of 250 Golden Crucial Carp fish in the island, the quest will finish and you’ll earn different rewards depending on your ranking.

The Co-Op quest’s participation rewards are one Angler’s Pouch, which offers a few random items, and 600 Silver coins. By getting a better ranking, you’ll earn more silver and more Angler’s Pouches, up to three when earning first place.

For this reason, catching a maximum of those fish during the Co-Op Quest will give you better chances of earning the Island Token. To catch more fish in a short amount of time, buy a good Fishing tool and improve your Fishing level. In addition to heading to the numerous fishing spots to farm your Fishing level, you can fish in your Stronghold when upgrading it.

If your tool breaks while you are fishing, don’t worry: there is a Trade Skill Tool Merchant on the isle that sells Novice Tools, so you’ll be able to buy a new Fishing Tool for 1,500 silver coins.

In addition to the Island Token, the questline will reward you with one point of Courage virtue, silver coins, and various engraving recipes. When you earn the Island Token after opening a Pouch, you’ll be able to leave the Isle definitely since you will have completed its content, provided you also grabbed its Mokoko seed.

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