How to get the Brahms ship in Lost Ark

The ship is relatively easy to obtain if you know where to look.

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Lost Ark has a plethora of ships to choose from when sailing the sprawling seas of Arkesia. Each one brings its own unique set of traits and benefits, however, most fail to beat out the classic Estoque in terms of versatility and speed. The Brahms ship isn’t going to be beating the Estoque in a race, but it has very high resistance to Siren Seas and Dead Waters, making it an essential boat to add to your collection.

The Brahms ship is easy to obtain but can be tricky if you don’t know where to look.

How to get the Brahms ship

To get your hands on the Brahms ship in Lost Ark you’ll need to head to Lopang Island and complete the yellow quest chain there. Lopang Island is located to the southeast of East Vern and south of Pleccia.

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Completing the island’s questline is very easy and shouldn’t take up too much time. Eventually, you’ll turn in a quest to Field Director Lassena and she’ll unlock Una’s Tasks on the island for you.

From there you’ll just need to complete 10 Lopang Island daily quests found in the Una’s Tasks menu by pressing Alt + J. Upon reaching Reputation level four with Lopang Inc. you’ll be rewarded with the “Melody of the Sea: Brahms” item. By right-clicking on the item in your inventory it will ask you to start a quest, and by accepting, all you’ll have to do is read Senior Manager Jasni’s Letter and the Brahms ship is yours.

The Brahms ship is a fantastic ship to add to your collection in Lost Ark for its high resistance to the Dead Water and Siren Seas hazard effects, as well as being another ship to send on Dispatch Missions after building it in your Stronghold.