How to get Starstone Tuning Orb in New World

Enter the second Expedition.

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Some of New World’s best and most sought-after adventures come in the form of Expeditions. These are the game’s dungeon equivalent that tasks a small team of players with entering a location and completing it, taking out enemies and uncovering secrets in the process.

The first Expedition that can be found in New World is the Amrine Excavation. This is an integral part of the game’s story, meaning that all players need to complete it. To take part in the next Expedition available, called Starstone Barrows, you’ll need to head out and find it on your own.

When you finally reach Starstone Barrows, the recommended level is 35, but you’ll also need a Starstone Tuning Orb to enter.

How to acquire a Starstone Tuning Orb

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Right now there are two known ways to acquire a Starstone Tuning Orb in New World. The first is to craft one, done by combining 10 Corrupted Fragments, a Steel Chisel, 50 Stone Bricks, and an Elemental Heart.

Gathering these items may be difficult as they require a high stonecutting level, factions rep, and other factors, but you can also get the item through side quests.

To get the Starstone Tuning Orb from quests, you’ll first want to head to Everfall and complete all available quests within the city. Once you’ve done enough, you’ll receive a quest from William Heron at the second floor of the tavern.

There are six quests that you’ll complete around Everfall before being sent back into Amrine Excavation. Heron will supply you with an Amrine Tuning Orb to do this. Once you head in and complete his mission, your reward will be the Starstone Tuning Orb.

Both these options can be completed around your mid 30s. Once you’re at the recommended level, and you complete either of these, you’ll be good to test your skill in Starstone Barrows.