How to get Sporebloom Fruit in New World?

Is it a fruit or a fungus?

Image via Amazon Games

As you progress through the levels in New World, you’ll find yourself experimenting with crafting and alternative quests that may require collecting crafting items.

If you’ve been paying attention to your surroundings, the chances are you may have more than a few crafting materials in your inventory. You’ll need to go out of your way to collect some of the harder to find ones, however.

Sporebloom Fruit is a useful crafting material that’s often used by Alchemists. Sporebloom Fruit isn’t technically a rare drop, but most players make the mistake of trying to search in the wild by its name while they should be looking for Sporebloom Funguses.

Sporebloom Fruit can be harvested from Sporebloom Funguses, meaning each fungus you find will have a chance to drop a Sporebloom Fruit. Players who like collecting their own crafting materials should be able to find a decent number of Sporebloom Fruits over time, but you can also purchase them off Trading Posts if there are other players who are selling them.

If you’re considering selling the item that you’ll craft with Sporebloom Fruit, you may want to do the math to see if can still make a profit if you buy the items you need off the Trading Post.