How to get Romantic Weapon song on Lost Ark

It's necessary to reveal some collectibles.

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Lost Ark features many things to discover and explore, and the collectibles are a major part of the experience. In addition to over a thousand Mokoko seeds to collect in the lands, there are many other categories of items to get. They all offer various rewards that can help in your adventures.

The songs play an important part in getting these collectibles, but also to complete some sidequests such as island quests. Players can play over a dozen different tunes from the music sheet menu, and the Romantic Weapon is part of them.

You won’t be able to encounter the Romantic Weapon before reaching an average item level of 600 and heading to the Yorn continent.

It’ll have many uses, such as unveiling the location of many Mokoko seeds on the continent and improving your rapport level with the NPCs from the region.

Here is how to get the Romantic Weapon song in Lost Ark.

How to get Romantic Weapon

As well as being a fantastic tune to play when you want to get motivated, the Romantic Weapon song will be a useful addition to your collection. It’s described as “full of the romantic spirit of the cheerful Umars.”

As such, it’s tied to the lore of the region’s people and you’ll have to complete the Adventurer’s Tome to unlock it.

The Romantic Weapon song is a reward for reaching 50 percent completion of Yorn’s Adventurer’s Tome.

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Reaching that completion percentage won’t be hard. You can reach it by completing the region’s main story. You’ll only have to keep track of the secondary objectives when progressing.

You can stop on your way when encountering Tome’s monsters to defeat them, for example. It’s indicated by a skull symbol over their heads. You can also investigate pouches laying on the ground to find ingredients used for special recipes and find vistas. You can also improve your rapport with NPC all over the region every day, such as Neria and Dancer Imar, the first ones you’ll unlock when heading to Yorn.

It’s also worth it to focus on defeating the boss Kohinorr because defeating him will give various rewards and three points of Courage in addition to increasing your Adventurer’s Tome’s progression. An average item level of 880 is recommended to face him.

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