How to get the King Slime Crown in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dragon Quest X crossover event

It's easy to purchase and cheap.

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Final Fantasy XIV offers countless cosmetic options in the game, some to go in battle and others that are more suited for social events. The King Slime Crown is perfect for the latter, featuring a crowned blue slime with a funny face. But it’s not always available for purchase.

The item will be familiar to Dragon Quest X fans since it was introduced as part of a crossover event with the Japanese game released in 2012 called Breaking Brick Mountains.

How to get the King Slime Crown in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dragon Quest X crossover event

The King Slime Crown is only available in the game when the event is active. It can’t be purchased in the Mog Station either, so mark in your agendas when it becomes available to be sure not to miss the opportunity when it arrives.

The event was first introduced to the game in 2014 and players had to wait until the summer of 2017, and then 2020, to see it again in FF XIV. The wait has shortened for the next iteration, however, since it will kick off again on Oct. 19. Players will have until Nov. 11 to enjoy the event and get its exclusive items from Dragon Quest X, so there will be plenty of time to complete it.

The King Slime Crown is actually the simplest event-exclusive item to get. It can be purchased for 57 gil, a sum every player has in their account. That’s even cheaper than a Teleport ticket to the nearest city.

To purchase the cosmetic item, players must head to Ul’dah and speak to the Toughie NPC, who’s located in the Steps of Nald (8;12).

The Breaking Brick Mountains event also features two other items: the Thug’s Mug helmet and the Wind-up Brickman minion. Those items require more effort to be earned since players must complete themed FATEs to purchase them. The location of the FATEs rotate, so the easiest way to do it is to speak to Havak Alvak to find out where the next one is and know where to go.

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