How to get Golden Rage armor skin Twitch drop for New World?

Look dapper in your first day.

Image via Amazon Game Studios

Like many other online games, New World is giving away free cosmetics and items as promotion deals. New World is getting ready for its launch on Aug. 31, and the game already has a deal lined up with Twitch to promote its release.

Twitch viewers who have their Steam account linked to their Twitch account will be eligible to grab a copy of the Golden Rage armor skin by tuning into New World streams.

Before you get into your Twitch settings, you’ll need to sign into New World’s official website with your Twitch account. This will enable New World drops for your account, but there are still a few steps to go.

After login into New World’s website with your Twitch account, look for the login option under the Twitch drop section. Log in with your Steam details to complete the process, and your account will be fully ready to receive New World drops.

Your next step will be finding a livestream that has New World drops enabled. You can do this by navigating to the New World category on Twitch and searching for streams through the Drops Enabled tab.

When you start watching a stream that has the Drops Enabled marker, you’ll need to tune in for at least an hour to receive the Golden Rage armor skin. But you don’t actually have to watch the stream, since you can let it roll in the background and do something else for an hour and come back to redeem your new armor skin.

After an hour, the Golden Rage armor will appear in your Twitch Drops inventory, which you can access through the top right corner of your screen.

You’ll be able to use the Golden Rage armor skin when the game officially releases on Aug. 31.