How to get Copper Ore in Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuaries

Mine some ore while the waves crash over the shore.

Image via Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuaries are finally here, and players are resting their weary bodies by relaxing on their islands, petting their animals, and growing crops.

For the most part, the island is fairly relaxing. The gentle flap of the waves over the shoreline helps calm players as they grind for all of the materials they need to build their upgraded buildings, pastures, and crop plots.

Additionally, there are a ton of materials required for building craftables to export from the island to increase your island’s rank and gain more Cowries. To make the things you need to increase your rank, you’ll need to go out and gather a bunch of materials from the island.

Where to find Island Copper Ore in FFXIV

Copper Ore is fairly common to come across, and can be found scattered around the island. But there’s one particular place where it’s more common than around the rest of the island.

The first spot is closer to the home base, and it’s around X:30, Y:30. There are a few nodes scattered around that spot players can find. They are covered in teal stones, and if you click on the node it is called a “Bluish Rock.”

Image via Square Enix

For the second spot, head to the upper right part of the map around X:29, Y:10 and you will find quite a few rocks to smash. You’ll need upgraded tools to get the most out of some of the nodes, but there are some copper nodes as well.

Make sure you have an Islekeep’s Stone Hammer in your inventory, which you can check for under the tools section of the island sanctuary Isleventory. If you don’t have this tool, you can only gather Island Stone from the node.

Screengrab via Square Enix

Smack the rock and you should get an Island Stone and an Island Copper Ore. The nodes replenish based on how many other nodes you’ve gathered and will regenerate over time. Keep mining stones around the area and you can quickly gather up a bunch of Copper Ore.