How to get Calydontis mount in Final Fantasy XIV

You'll need luck to get this one.

Image via Square Enix

Mounts are among the most popular customization options in Final Fantasy XIV—and for good reason.

They are a great way to give a certain style to your character, in addition to offering various background music and ways of transportation.

The Calydontis mount was introduced with the latest expansion Endwalker earlier in December, and unlocking it is no small feat. The mount resembles a warthog, with menacing thorns. Here is how to earn it.

How to get Calydontis mount in FFXIV

The mount can be bought from Khloe Aliapoh in Idyllshire for one Gold’s Certificate of Commendation, at X: 5.7, Y: 6.1. It’s the third mount that can be traded for this item, alongside the Incitatus and Ixion.

Those certificates are earned by completing Khloe’s Journals of Wondrous Tails. Those reset every two weeks and require players to complete specific duties to stamp the journal at random places.

Depending on your luck, you can complete one, two, or three lines in the journal, and your prize is increased accordingly. The gold certificate is the hardest to earn.

Completing Wondrous Tails rewards a significant amount of XP, so it’s recommended to choose a job that isn’t max level when handing in your journal.

Keep in mind that you can complete those duties unsynced and still get the stamps, and use Second Chance points to try your luck again with stamp locations or to repeat duties.

A common way of completing the journals quickly is to complete some dungeons via roulettes if you need them as well, complete the A Realm Reborn‘s Extreme trials unsynced (it’ll take you less than a minute to complete them) and use your seals to retry the trials instead of completing the longest ones. You can also reshuffle the stamps using two points, so try to save them just in case.